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RF testers can be used for high throughput manufacturing applications or serve as a development or
service tool – DECT / DECT 6.0 / CAT-iq / 2.4 GHz.

RTX’ RF Test Platforms supports a range of different RF tests and can be used for high throughput manufacturing applications or serve as a development or service tool. The RF Test Platforms can be setup as either a handset or a base station, with added test capabilities. Used for fixed part testing, the RTX RF Test Platforms act as handsets and the devices under test act as base stations and vice versa for portable part testing.

The following RTX RF Test Solutions are available:

RTX2012 HS RF Tester (DECT/DECT 6.0/CAT-iq/Japan DECT)                                                    

RTX2011 RF Tester (DECT/DECT 6.0/CAT-iq/Japan DECT)
RTX2010 HS RF Tester (KDECT - Korean DECT)
RTX2009 RF Tester (900MHz)
RTX2201 RF Tester (2.4GHz)
RTX2501 RF Tester (5.8GHz)

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Smart ATE is a highly optimised and cost/time efficient, automated test solution for the production of wireless devices
The RTX Smart ATE is a highly competitive and cost/time efficient test solution for functional test in the production of wireless devices. The Smart ATE reduces the complexity and size of the ATE system through the inclusion of modular instrumentation internal to the test unit. The flexible nature of the Smart ATE enables a swift physical reconfiguration - in literally a matter of seconds, it can be reconfigured to accommodate different products and test types.

RTX A/S introduces the Smart ATE, a highly optimized automated test solution for production of wireless devices.

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R&D Test Equipment

The following R&D test equipment is available:

The RTX2030 DECT AirSpy tool is a generic communication monitoring and analyzer tool for DECT / DECT 6.0 / CAT-iq. It consists of a dedicated DECT RF

Capture Unit and Windows application SW and can assist product developers or installers in performing:

Protocol analysis
Deployment analysis in both single and multi-cell environments
Traffic analysis
Slot and frame timing analysis

The RTX 2100 RF Verification System is a SW suite for automatic test and measurement of the Dect / CAT-iq RF performance tests traditionally performed during the product development phase.

The test cases supported by the RTX 2100 RF Verification system is based on the EN 301 406 specification but is focused on RF performance and not certification (e.g. sensitivity is measured at minimum level and not a predefined level and number of measurements samples is reduced in order to save test time).

Unity Box
The RTX Unity Box is a target interface unit for National Semiconductor’s CompactRISC® architecture. It facilitates debugging of software running on CompactRISC® cores that include the Serial Debug Interface Plus (SDI+) logic.

The RTX Unity Box unites 5-wire JTAG, 1-wire JTAG, UART, and galvanic isolation in a single box, providing the full functionality needed for both National Semiconductor’s CP3000 series and SC144xx series processors.

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