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Meltronics ProductsInterference & Direction Analyzer

Narda RF Test Solutions - IDA 2 Interference and Direction Analyzer is a highly sensitive signal analyzer


IDA 2 combines excellent RF signal selectivity with fast monitor capabilities and integrated tools such as a double compass and map display for determining the geographical location of RF sources.

The main tasks of the IDA 2 are the detection, classification and localization of RF signals. Outstanding features of this portable instrument are functions such as Horizontal Scan with automatic azimuth determination and smartDF® for automatic calculation of the emitter position.

The robust, ergonomic design is protected against mechanical stress, weather effects and high power RF irradiation.

Measurements made with the IDA 2 quickly yield results thanks to its practically oriented operating modes:

• Frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz
Direction Finding
• Spectrum
• Level Meter
• Multi-Channel Power
• Time Domain (Scope)
• I/Q Analyzer (I/Q display, Magnitude display, high resolution spectrograms and persistence spectrums)

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Narda RF Test Solutions - NRA Remote Spectrum Analyzer 

The NRA has been specially developed for remote controlled operation. Integration into an existing measurement environment is hassle free, thanks to the simple remote commands and comprehensive documentation.

Narda NRA-3000 & NRA-6000 Models for Broadcasting & Wireless Frequency Ranges from 9KHz-3GHz/6GHz.
Remote controlled spectrum and signal analyzer for use in monitoring and control of civilian and tactical mobile communications equipment, such as TETRA, 2/3/4G, satellite phones, DECT, WiMAX, and WiFi as well as for telemetry and broadcasting (DAB+, DVB-T, DRM etc.)

The NRA is 1U high and weighs less than five kilos. It can be fitted without problems in mobile systems or where space is limited, thanks to its power consumption of less than 20 VA and noiseless operation without a fan.

The NRA can be integrated into practically any measurement environment as it uses plain text remote control commands in ASCII and is equipped with an Ethernet interface (100BASE-TX). Large quantities of data can be transmitted rapidly in binary format.

Application oriented operating modes save programming and ensure fast, reliable results: Spectrum, Multi-Channel Power (power measurement in several channels simultaneously; option), Level Meter (RMS and peak level measurement; option) and Scope and IQ Data (time domain recording; option).

• Optimized for use in monitoring centers, remote measuring systems or vehicles
• Selectable traces: ACT / AVG / MAX / MAX AVG / MIN / MIN AVG
• Display range from -150 dBm to +21 dBm
• 50 dB input attenuator switchable in 1 dB steps
• < 1.2 dB level measurement uncertainty at 15°C to 30°C
• DANL < -150 dBm/Hz
• Maximum RF input level +27 dBm, +/-50 V DC block
• High resolution spectrum with up to 600.000 measurement points
• Fixed resolution spectrum, resolution selectable, with +Peak, -Peak, or RMS detectors for data compression
• Level Meter option: CBW 100 Hz to 32 MHz, real time peak/RMS (MAX)
• Multi-Channel Power option: Integration values for 500 definable channels
• Scope and I/Q Data option: Real time analysis of ACT/MAX/AVG/MIN with CBW 100 Hz – 32 MHz in the time    
  domain, I/Q data up to 32 MHz CBW (blockwise) or streaming (digital IBW) up to 400 kHz CBW

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