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The Microwave Vision Group is former Rainford EMC Systems


Rainford EMC Systems recognise that in a tough world full of legislation it isn’t always a simple task bringing existing and new products to market. This is why we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to bring them the best fit solution both technically and financially. With over 20 years experience in the EMC and RF shielding industry we have many existing solutions for current standardisation such as:

• 3m Compact Chambers
• 3m Chambers
• 5m Chambers
• 10m Chambers
• MIL STD Chambers
• Mode Stir Chambers
• MRI Facilities
• Architectural Shielding
• Absorbers

With a full mechanical, electrical and RF design team with Autocad and 3D Solidworks tools any customer/application specific requirements can be addressed with ease.

As flexibility is key to our approach we manufacture and supply a range of shielding materials and systems. This theme also extends through to the types of ferrite and absorber materials that we use and the range of accessories such as turntables, masts, controllers, CCTV, filters, air conditioning and fire detection and suppression.

To preserve the longevity of any chamber we also provide an experienced team who are capable of upgrading and maintaining any existing chamber.

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