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DARE RadiPower - RF Power meters with pulse capacity !
The cost-effective EMC power meters from 9 kHz - 18 GHz

Fast · Accurate · Broadband

The RadiPower® is a RF power head designed for CW power measurements during EMC testing. A range of power heads is available to measure RF power from 9 kHz up to 18 GHz. The RadiPower® is an affordable, fast and accurate RF power head with USB interface for easy connection. The RPR2006C covers a frequency band from 9 kHz up to 6 GHz and is able to perform measurements with an accuracy of 0.15 dB. The RPR2018C covers a frequency band from 80 MHz up to 18 GHz and is able to perform measurements with an accuracy of 0.2 dB. This range of heads makes effective immunity measurements in accordance with EMC standards possible.

High frequent powermeter with pulse capacity

In 2010 DARE!! Instruments expanded the range of its RF power meters with a power meter that can perform very fast measurements on high-frequency pulse-shaped signals (RF burst): The RadiPower® RPR2006P pulsed power meter. Now this range is even further extended with a RF Burst/Pulse power head that can measure up to 18 GHz; the RPR2018P.

Both Burst/Pulse power heads are capable to read a buffer of 4.000 samples with the speed of 1 million samples per second. This enables the user to visualize the high frequency pulse shape of very fast pulses, vizualizing pre-trigger and post trigger effects!

     Stand Alon USB Connection to PC                                                         Plug-in card in the RadiCentre

Plug in card

The RadiPower® RF power head can be connected to a USB1004A plug-in card using USB connectors. This plug-in card can support up to four RadiPower® heads enabling forward- and reflected power measurments of two amplifiers with only one instrument. The plug-in card fits in the RadiCentre® EMC measurement system, which is available in a 1-slot (CTR1001S) or 7-slot version (CTR1009B).


The RadiPower® power head can also be used in stand-alone configuration. In that case the power head is directly connected to a PC by means of an USB cable and the measured power levels are displayed on the PC using the RadiMon® monitoring program (standard included).

Pulse-shape recording mode

The RadiPower® RPR2006P and RPR2018P pulsed heads are able to measure power signals with a maximum rate of 1,000,000 samples per second and has an integrated measurement buffer of 4.000 samples, where the measured waveform is saved. This "recording mode" is very suitable to make specific high-frequency pulse-shaped signals transparent.

                        ETSI 300 328 Burst Mode (RadiMation® Free software)

Applications Examples

The RPR2006P and RPR2018P can be used for both radiated and conducted RF power measurements in accordance with the standards EN 61000-4-3/-6 (CE marking), MilStd 461/462 and ISO11451-3/-4 (Automotive). Because of the pulse function the RPR1006P perfectly adopted for Radar Pulse RI-114 test according to the Ford standard EMC_CS_2009. Another application for which the RadiPower Pulse can be used is to perform power measurements on 2.4GHz wideband transmission systems as defined in the draft version of the ETSI EN300328 v1.8.1, clause 5.3.2.


Load the brochure RadiPower® Burst/Pulse RF Power Meter here in pdf format.
Load the brochure RadiPower® RF Power Meter here in pdf format.

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