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DARE RadMation - Integral EMI/EMC Measurement Software
DARE RadiMation Software is the leader in EMC testing for over 10 years !

Flexibility without Complexity!

DARE!! Instruments started the development of RadiMation® software almost 2 decades ago. The philosophy of RadiMation® was (and still is) to be an open software platform supporting all standard EMC tests (both emission and immunity) and to be open to any brand of EMC test equipment. Choosing RadiMation® software doesn't put you to any limitations in selecting your instrumentation, as device drivers for commercially available and supported EMC test instrumentation are provided FREE OF CHARGE!


A modular approach allows different levels of functionality to be configured. The following modules are available:

· Radiated Immunity 
· Radiated Emission      
· Conducted Emission
· Conducted Immunity           
· Pulsed Immunity (ESD, EFT, Surge)
· Report Generator

Designed to comply with ISO17025

For quality control and error checking afterwards, it is mandatory that not only processed results, but also all ‘raw’ data
is stored. In the event of a strange phenomenon, study of all the test results can clarify the reason for the event and even
allows recalculation on raw data. RadiMation® provides full traceable results.
Before a test is started several checks are performed to ascertain the full operationally of the test set-up.


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