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COM-POWER - The Leading Supplier of Instrumentation & Equipment for EMI / EMC Testing

Com-Power Corporation specializes in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility commonly referred to as EMC. We make variety of products related to noise; our EMC equipment will help you find, measure and suppress noise in your products. Out test equipment can be used to meet the regulatory requirements for EMC or just to make your products work better.

Com-Power’s line of EMI/EMC test equipment can be used for compliance or pre-compliance emissions and immunity testing from DC to 40 GHz to meet the various National and International EMC regulations/standards. We are the leading producer of reference EMI noise sources (comb generators) for validating EMI test sites up to 18 GHz. Our patented near-field probe sets have helped countless engineers around the world to find solutions for EMI noise problems in their products.

It is our goal to provide the finest products as well as the best support to our customers. We continually improve our products and design new products to help our customers meet their goal.

Com-Power Products are :

• Antennas
• Antenna Kits                         
• Near Field Probes
• Comb Generators
• Preamplifiers
• Emissions System
• Spectrum Analyzer
• Power Amplifier
• CDNs
• Immunity System
• Transient Limiters
• Absorbing clamps
• Turntables                                              
• Antenna Mast
• Antenna Tripods
• Telecom Test System

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