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ZT8650 Series

6 GHz Vector Signal Analyzer

The ZT8650 Vector Signal Analyzer can operate in ranges from DC to 6 GHz. This new VSA provides the signal fidelity and real-time processing capabilities that enable a broad set of necessary RF and wireless test techniques, such as performing EVM (error vector magnitude), ACLR (adjacent channel leakage ratio) and IM3 (3rd-order intermodulation distortion) measurements or addressing complex MIMO applications. The ZT8650 provides the combination of high instantaneous bandwidth, high dynamic range, very high linearity, and very low phase noise necessary to test and characterize the latest and next generation of RFIC components.

VSA Optimized for RFIC Testing

• Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) provides functionality of one-box multi-protocol tester in modular PXI/PXIe architecture
• 6 GHz RF Spectrum and Vector Signal Analyzer for analog or digitally-modulated RF signal analysis
• Separate baseband I/Q inputs and LO input for demodulator RFIC testing

Future Proof Technical Specifications                                                                 

• 160 MHz instantaneous IF bandwidth for new wireless standards such as 802.11ac
• Highest linearity with >80 dBc IM3 @ 6 GHz
• Very low Displayed Average Noise Level of -163.5dBm/Hz @ 6 GHz
• Low EVM floor of 0.7% or 43 dB (802.11n 64QAM @ 5.812 GHz)
• Real-time on-instrument FPGA & DSP processing for test time speed and ease of use

Smallest-Footprint Software-Defined Modular Instrument

• Combined RF and baseband I/Q VSA in 2-slot 3U PXI/PXIe modular instrument
• Flexible software-defined signal processing can be upgraded for future wireless standards
• Access to raw data for custom host based processing or non-standard measurements
• On-instrument stored states with test vectors over PXI/PXIe backplane for parallel & instantaneous instrument setup 
  during production test

Better Software Integration Tools and Support

• Full-featured ZSignal Spectrum Analyzer GUI included
• Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) demodulation personality & GUI available for 802.11a/n/ac

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