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ZProtocol™ WLAN Protocol Analysis & Waveform Creator 

ZProtocol™ WLAN is a comprehensive IEEE 802.11 protocol analysis & waveform creator software toolkit for automated compliance testing and characterization of WLAN devices. ZProtocol WLAN provides a complete set of software tools needed to generate and analyze WLAN RF and baseband I/Q signals for the IEEE 802.11a/g/n/ac standards (up to 160 MHz bandwidth). The software includes C/C++drivers, a programming API, and an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI).

• Complete protocol analysis tool for IEEE 802.11 (a thru ac) compliance testing
• Processes I/Q waveform data captured with ZT8201 RF Test Set, ZT8221 RF Test Set, ZT8651 VSA, or any 3rd party VSA
• Matching features in GUI and C/C++ drivers simplify manual and automated setup and use

• Waveform creator tool to produce IEEE 802.11 standard waveforms
• Creates I/Q waveform data and files for RF generation using ZT8201 RF Test Set, ZT8221 RF Test Set, ZT8751 VSG, or any 3rd-party VSG
• User-selectable parameters such as standard (a thru ac), bandwidth (up to 160 MHz), length, filtering, windowing, coding and modulation.
• Includes library of pre-generated example waveforms for standard compliance testing

ZProtocol™ DPD Digital Pre-Distortion Tool

ZProtocol™ DPD is a comprehensive digital pre-distortion (DPD) software toolkit for power amplifier (PA) characterization and testing. Many of the latest WLAN transceiver chip sets employ DPD techniques to improve PA linearity. In combination with an RF Test Set such as the ZT8201 or ZT8221, this DPD software toolkit is used to quantify improvements in spectral mask and EVM that will be possible with DPD in-circuit. ZProtocol DPD measures the nonlinearity of the PA, computes an inverse operation, and creates a pre-distorted RF signal that effectively linearizes the PA. This DPD software tool and corresponding example code provide a quick and easy method to evaluate DPD for a PA or transmitter design. In combination with the ZProtocol WLAN software, ZProtocol DPD supports PA DPD testing for IEEE 802.11a/g/n/ac (up to 80 MHz bandwidth).

• Quantifies improvement in adjacent channel leakage and EVM that can be accomplished with DPD
• Used with wide-bandwidth RF test sets such as ZT8201 or ZT8221
• Includes C/C++ drivers, a programming API, and example code

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