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Radiated Emission Products

PMM 9010F EMI/EMC Receiver, new "Fast" version 

      The new EMI Receiver PMM 9010F is based on very advanced analog to            
      digital conversion and data processing technology that applies the FFT    
      (Fast Fourier Transform) frequency spectrum analysis in full compliance    
      with all the tests required by the standard CISPR 16-1-1. Same modular    
      construction, compact size and low power consumption of the other
      renowned models in PMM’s Digital Receiv- ers family: PMM 9010, 9010/03P,    

Main characteristics

• Frequency range: 10 Hz – 30 MHz, expandable to 3/6/18 GHz by the external modules 9030, 9060, 9180
• Very low noise floor:  < -24 dBµV in band A, < -7 dBµV in band B
• Multi-band preselector
• All CISPR detectors, simultaneous
• State-of-art digital technology
• CISPR RBW filters: 200 Hz, 9 KHz (120 kHz, 1 MHz when in conjunction with the external modules)
• 6 dB RBW filters: 1 – 3 – 10 – 30 – 100 kHz

9010F allows for exclusive advantages:

• When measuring the conducted disturbances of such EUT not able to run all the test time long: various    
   appliances, electric tools, toys, machinery… The 9010F avoid needing to make pre-tests and partial final tests by    
   performing the complete test in seconds instead.
• In test houses the 9010F cuts the conducted emission test time down nearly to zero: the set-up is available for  
   more tests thus increasing the laboratory productivity.
• On-site measurements of overhead lines PLT signals interference to radio communication can be done much faster  
   – not negligible when line voltage is of half a MV or so! (RA-01HV antenna recommended)

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PMM 9010 Fully CISPR 16-1-1 Compliant digital EMC/EMI receivers 10 Hz – 18 GHz Main features at a glance

• The state of art 30 MHz EMI Digital Receiver is the platform of the system.  
       Based on direct Analog to Digital conversion and sophisticated  
       computation, it offers calibration-free operation on almost all of its key
       components, i.e. RBW filters, detectors, demodulation… while the RF
       front-end is self-calibrated by the internal, precise RF signal generator.
    • Uniquely compact and lightweight:
        - 3,5 kg, the low frequency unit PMM 9010
        - 2 kg the high frequency extensions (PMM 9030,PMM 9060,PMM9180)  
        all battery operated.
    • Hardware and Firmware designed around the current EMC standards, ready
to upgrade to future changes in the same.
• Powerful digital Click Analyzer full compliance to latest CISPR 14-1 specifications, 1 (internal option) or 4 (external  
  option) channels.
• Frequency ranges from 10 Hz to 30 MHz; 3 GHz; 6 GHz; 18 GHz
• Full compliance with the latest edition of CISPR 16-1-1 standard, including RMS-AVG detector and APD function.
• All CISPR and MIL-STD-461E RBW filters
• Integrated preamplifier (all units) and pulse limiter (PMM 9010)
• Mostly maintenance and calibration free; service done in minutes
• Built-in tracking signal generator up to 30 MHz (PMM 9010)
• Multimode functions: sweep, spectrum analyzer, scalar network analyzer, manual receiver
• Smart Detector: a “productivity booster” feature designed to dramatically improve test speed
• Flexible, easy to use for any kind of measurement in stand-alone, integrated in systems or driven by PC.
• Optical link between main and high frequency units.
• No need of coaxial cable to connect the antenna to the receiver.
• No aging of critical parts of a receiver that cause degradation of measurement accuracy
• Fastest service by just swapping factory-calibrated modules.
• Cost-effective, modular solution that grows with user's needs.
• Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic test modes.
• AC and battery powered for maximum flexibility
• Extremely fast in all tests

PMM 9010 Extension units brings the popular,outstanding full-compliant EMI Receiver PMM 9010 up to the 18GHz  
  frequency for radiated emission tests. Thanks to its small size, battery power and high-speed optical link the
  PMM 9180 can be installed directly on the antenna connector thus dramatically reducing the measurement  
  uncertainties due to coax cables and connectors. Full compliance to CISPR 16-1-1 and latest addenda.


 PMM Antenna Set 30 MHz - 3 GHz/6GHz

              MAIN FEATURES

          • 30 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range
• Excellent Antenna Factor
Tripod adapter for easy vertical-horizontal polarization change
• Robust, rustproof construction
• Lightweight

PMM Antenna Set is a compact size broadband Antenna System composed of a PMM  Biconical Dipole and PMM Log Periodic Dipole Array designed for application in radiated emissions and immunity.
It can be used in conjuntion with any receiver or spectrum analyzer.
Its ideal companion is the EMI Receiver Unit that can be easily mounted on the antenna mast.

For more information contact us: 03-6444492 or Sales@meltronics.co.il