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Nowadays every company in the electronics industry is involved with CE / EMI demands. The use of electronics increases as well as the frequencies. Therefore radiation and immunity has to be taken into account in an early stage during the development of new products. In many cases EMI problems cannot be solved at PCB level, the enclosures and cables will have to be shielded.

When to use shielding?

Shielding is a fast way to comply with legal demands like CE or FCC or to prevent electro-magnetic interference. Since time-consuming development is not required, shielding is cost-effective. Therefore shielding is used for non consumer products quantities or if a quick market introduction is needed. It is also used for appliances with high radiation or sensitivity levels or for products of which these levels are not known in advance, like modular enclosures.

Radiation and conduction

Electro-magnetic interference can be transferred by radiation and conduction. Conduction plays an important role with frequencies below 10 MHz. To prevent this, cables and enclosures have to be shielded with magnetically conductive materials. The lower the frequency, the thicker the shielding needs to be.

Avoid gaps

The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. This means that when the frequency increases, the tolerable gap dimensions decrease. In other words: doors, panels and other parts need to be connected electrically on all sides. The easiest way to do this is with highly conductive EMI shielding gaskets. Most of them are self-adhesive for easy mounting.

To select the appropriate gasket, several aspects have to be taken into account: the rigidity of the construction, the distance between the fixings, the distance between them and the construction materials used.

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