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Meltronics News
Meltronics Signed and Agreement with Active Technologies , January 2017

Active Technologies provids best in class pulse generation, great solution in complex defense electronics application such radar pulse generation and EW signaling and modulation.

Meltronics Ltd Headquarters moved to Rishon Le Zion New Industrial Zone, December 2015 ! 
Meltronics Ltd moved to a new facility as a growing rapidly company we continue to grow with new products line and solutions as part of our motivation to serve the israeli Industry.

Narda NBM: New probe for up to 60 GHz, January 2015

EF6092 replaces EF6091 for Narda NBM Series 

NEW! Narda Sensitive field probe for all types of high frequency application.The probe contains three orthogonally arranged dipoles with detector diodes. The diode voltages each correspond to the RMS value of the spatial components. 

New from DARE Instruments !! The RadiField Triple A Field Generator , November 2014

Revolution in EMC immunity testing. A complete paradigm shift involves a combination of high level integration and a field combining technique, making several discrete components like combiner, coupler, power meters and cabling superfluous.

GlobeSpace Israel, Symosium for EMC & Safety 2–3 December, 2014

Meltronics Ltd would like invite you to GlobeSpace - Professional Global Symposium for EMC, Safety and Product compliance which will take place in the David Intercontinental Hotel
in Tel-Aviv, Between 2-3 of December (2 days), 2014

Newtones 4th : November 25th, 2013
PPA5500 Series Power Analyzer Update; LAN and GPIB now fitted as standard
Newtons 4th are pleased to announce that all new PPA5500 series Power Analyzers will have LAN and GPIB Interfaces fitted as standard on all orders placed after 25/11/2013

Chroma ATE: September 24th, 2013 
Energy-Hybrid PV Inverter & Micro Grid Simulation Test Solution

It allows the user to create a simulation power grid and isolate it from the Mains. Besides simulating the voltage/frequency change of various kinds AC output, it can also simulate the voltage transient and harmonic waveform/interharmonics distortion.

Narda Safety Test Solutions News : September 2013
9010F EMI/EMC Receiver, new "Fast" version

The new EMI Receiver PMM 9010F is based on very advanced analog to digital conversion and data processing technology that applies the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) frequency spectrum analysis in full compliance with all the tests required by the standard CISPR 16-1-1.

Gossen Metrawatt: July 1st, 2013
Gossen Metrawatt (GMC-I) Release the METRAHIT ULTRA, ULTRA BTPrecision TRMS Multimeter with Remote Control via Bluetooth 

Gossen Metrawatt New 
Precision TRMS Multimeter with Remote Control via Bluetooth & Android application for your smartphon.  MADE IN GERMANY !!! 

Newtones 4th : June 11th, 2013
New product release PPA55X1 Power Analyzer , Harmonics and Flicker Test Instrumentation – IEC61000-3-2/3

The Newtons 4th PPA55x1 series precision power analyzer provides a fully compliant test and measurement solution to meet the latest IEC61000 Harmonics and Flicker international test standards

Chroma ATE :
May 31, 2013 

Chroma Release 1000V DC Electronic Loads and Programmable Power for EV and Photovoltaic Testing

Chroma is the leader in the power electronic testing industry for over 30 years, Chroma has designed many turnkey solutions for emerging new energy markets

RIGOL Technologies Inc : March 8th, 2013
Rigol announced the new Active Probe series : Current Probes & High Holtage Differetial Probes 

RIGOL RP1000C series Current Probes and RP1000D series High Voltage
Differential Probes are officially released and accepting orders immediately

RIGOL Technologies Inc : February 22nd, 2013

Rigol Technologies EU announce and introduce the new Power Supply DP800 series 

3 different models up to 3 Channels with Max.Power of 195W.
Low Ripple Noise: <350 uVrms/2mVpp & Channel isolation: CH1 || CH2,CH3

Newtones 4th : January 2nd, 2013

SFRA45 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

Newtons4th are proud to announce the new SFRA45 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer, with a 5Hz to 45MHz bandwidth and 0.02dB accuracy the SFRA45 offers market leading performance.SFRA45 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer.