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DARE RadiSense® - EMC Probes
Robust - Reliable - Small - Without Battery

DARE!! Instruments is the inventor of the first LASER powered field probe in the world. Since the first introduction of a RadiSense® Field Probe in 1999 we have developed a complete family of e field probes ranging from 10 kHz to 18 GHz. Well respected companies around the world are satisfied users of our LASER powered field probes.

With the aim to carry out accurate field strength measurements, the E field probe must be small compared to the wavelength of the measured signal. If the size of the E field probe is too great it will cause resonances at higher frequencies, which counts for a significant share in the total measurement uncertainty.

A small electric field probe is also essential measurements in a uniform field of an anechoic chamber. The larger the probe is used in these measurements, the less useful measurement resolution.
It is mainly for measurements in (G) TEM cells the size of the probe determines the reliability of the measurements. If compact cells are used, one EMC probe is greater than 100 mm high in relation to the homogeneous field in the cell and relative major errors will occur.


So, in order to obtain reliable and precise measurement results, should the size of the EMC probe be as small as possible.


With the introduction of the field strength RadiSense® sensors in 1999 has ended all size related measurement problems. With a measurement volume of 75 cm3 and 1 cm3 and robust enclosures provide the E field probes for reliable measurements. By comparison, the current probes perform measurements with a volume ranging from 300 cm3 and 1000 cm3, which creates fundamental measurement errors.

Without batteries

Another disadvantage of the standard e field probe is that they are fed by a battery. It is understandable that batteries are used. Galvanic wires influence the be measured E field. But batteries are empty and often depleted when needed. For example, a battery-powered probe is useless for all night testing. Unlike other probes, the field strength sensor RadiSense® is powered by a high power LASER, whose light is transmitted to the probe by a fiber optic cable and feeds the the low-noise amplifier and a single microprocessor chip, reads the antennas and  passes the measured values to a PC through a second fiber cable.

Software Support

The E field strength RadiSense® sensors are supported by the RadiMation®, automated EMC measurement software. The RadiMation® control software is included with the system for stand-alone use. The EMC probe can most commercially available EMC software driven by a Holaday® 4422 compatible instruction set.


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