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DARE RadiGen - EMC Signal Generators
Dedicated to EMC Immunity tests

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RadiGen® 6GHz EMC signal generator plug-in card

An important part of an EMC immunity test system is the RF signal generator. It produces the carrier signal with or without modulation, at a certain signal frequency and with a certain signal level. Most signal generators are multi-purpose and hence complex and expensive. The latest expansion of the range of EMC measurement products from DARE!! Instruments, are the RadiGen-230MHz and RadiGen-6GHz: affordable EMC RF signal generators.


The RadiGen® RGN0230A EMC signal generator can be used in Continuous Wave (CW) mode, as well as AM or pulse modulation mode. With its bandwidth of 9 kHz to 230 MHz it is aimed at conducted immunity set-ups, like the IEC61000-4-6 or the ISO11451-4 (BCI).

The RadiGen® RGN6000A EMC signal generator covers a frequency range from 80 MHz to 6 GHz and therefore can be used for radiated immunity tests like the IEC61000-4-3 and ISO11451-2 (ALSE).

The RadiGen® RGN6000B Full Band EMC signal generator covers a frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz and therefore can be used for both conducted and radiated immunity tests. The RGN6000B has two SMA output connectors. The LF output covers the signal generator from 9 kHz to 230 MHz. The second SMA connector (HF output) covers the signal generator from 80 MHz to 6 GHz.


The RadiGen® range provides an accurate RF signal generator with a frequency error of less than 20 ppm and a modulation accuracy better than 2%. At the same time the RadiGen® output has an extremely fast response (less then 500µs) which is very important for EMC testing. On top of this special engineering efforts have been taken to assure complete monotone behaviour and prevent glitches at the output level. All these figures and facts make it the perfect signal generator for EMC immunity testing.


The RadiGen® range of plug-in cards are designed to fit in the multifunctional RadiCentre® modular system. These systems have space for either one, two or seven plug-in cards enabling to build a complete EMC immunity test system. Such a system can for example contain the RadiGen® RF signal generator, one or more RadiSense® EMC field probes, one or more RadiSwitch® switch cards and one or more RadiPower® RF power meters. Of course it is possible to build even larger systems by combining any number of RadiCentre® EMC test systems.
Software support

The RadiGen® signal generators are software controllable with RS-232, USB and IEEE-488. Besides the RadiMation® integral EMC measurement software the system can be controlled by all EMC measurement packages. The software command codes, to control the unit, are made available.


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