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DARE RadiLink - The unique Analong Glasfiberlink for EMC-measurements

Low Loss · High dynamic range · Broadband


           RadiLink CISPR25 optic link

During EMC measurements coaxial cables play an important role. Not only due to their intended use, to conduct RF signals to and from the antenna but also due to the signal loss and influence on the field in the chamber they are causing. Therefor DARE!! Instruments has developed a family of loss free analog optic links that make coaxial cables superfluous.

The RadiLink Family of optic links provide an alternative to coaxial cables. At the moment two versions are available. A regular RadiLink for standard EMC testing, that relays RF antenna signals to a measurement receiver and a CISPR 25 version that is dedicated to automotive testing where a car radio dummy is placed in the vehicle where it is connected to the antenna of the car to determine the EMC self influence of the vehicle.

The RadiLink ® is an analog fiber optical link with high dynamic range of 85 dB and a bandwidth of 9 kHz to 3 GHz. This makes the optical link ideal for the use in EMC test environments. The optical link can be used to replace the coaxial cable.

Low Loss (gain)

Coaxial cables typically have a loss in between 0,1 dB and 1 dB per meter depending on the type/quality of cable and the frequency. Certainly in applications at higher frequency and with long cables, like in a large EMC chamber of at an Open Area Test Site, the signal loss on the cable will result into large measurement errors. The RadiLink® RF optical link is the solution to this problem and provides a small gain and therefore will solve the loss problems on the coaxial cable.


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