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DARE RadiSwitch - Maximum flexibility in EMC test systems

Flexible · Versatile · Extensible


EMC test systems are complex installations with many test and measurement instruments connected. In order to enable full automated testing, these devices and measuring instruments as well as the connections made between amplifiers, power meters, antennae and EMI receivers should be controlled in an automated manner. To enable switching these signals DARE!! Instruments introduces the EMC switch RadiSwitch® plug-in cards that can be used with the RadiCentre® modular multifunctional EMC test system.


The RadiSwitch® RF coaxial relay plug-in cards are able to switch RF signals from DC up to 40 GHz and with powers up to 700 Watts directly, or any RF power indirect using externally controlled switches. RadiSwitch® plug-in cards are available in several versions, with one, two or four SPDT (single pole dual throw) coaxial relays or SP6T coaxial relays. Any combination of plug-in cards is allowed, making the system one of the most flexible switching systems in the world.


RadiSwitch® plug-in cards are designed to fit in the RadiCentre® 19-inch rack-mountable modular EMC test system. This system has an intelligent backplane that will fit one, two or seven plug-in cards, bringing the maximum capacity of the system to 343 switches! Of course it is possible to build even larger switching systems by combining any number of RadiCentre® systems.

Easy to use

The system is “Plug and Play”, which means that every board is automatically recognised and initialised and ready for use. The user can configure and control the functionality of every individual plug-in card by means of external software or using the 7 inch 800 x 600 TFT touch screen display (for RadiCentre® 2-slot and 7-slot versions).

Hardware interlock

The first relay of the RadiSwitch® plug-in card can either be used as a standard relay or as a safety interlock relay. When using this relay as a safety interlock, this enables the function to switch OFF the RF input to the amplifier, in order to prevent personnel to be subjected to high radiated RF fields. The RF interlock input can be connected to a switch on the entrance door of the test chamber.
External switch box

High power RF amplifiers are normally placed in separate test rooms with appropriate cooling facilities. To control these amplifiers a RadiSwitch® plug-in card can be connected to an external switch box that has an internal power supply to power 12VDC/28VDC relays and can control up to 4 external relays.

Software Support

The RadiSwitch® plug-in cards are software controllable with RS-232, USB or IEEE-488 (RadiCentre® 2-slot and 7-slot version only). Besides the RadiMation® integral EMC measurement software the system can be controlled by any EMC measurement package using control commands.

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